Wash your hands and pay particular attention to drying nails and cuticles, you want to make sure that everything around the nail bed is completely dry. Take out your nail barbieee nails from the box and arrange which nail is going to be suitable for which finger.

Sticking Using Nail Glue

1. Put a dot of glue on to the fake nail and one on the real nail, try to avoid over-gluing. A very small drop is all that you need, because once it hits a flat surface it will expand.

2. Place the fake nail just above cuticle (keep it straight as you don’t
want any crooked looking nails) and then press down onto nail bed.

Removal :

Soaking your press-on nails in a bowl of warm soapy water may
help to loosen them. Mix some warm water and add a few drops
of hand soap in a small dish. Place your fingers in warm water and
let your nails soak for about 15 minutes.

Sticking Using Nail Stickers

1. Take a sticker of similar size to the nail, attach it on your natural nails.
2. Remove the transparent sheet from the top.
3. stick the false nails on top (sticking with an angle of 145 Degrees so it won’t look lifted from the bottom) and press firmly for 20 seconds.
Push the nails from sides and remove the nails. If that doesn’t work then put your nails in warm water for a minutes and nail sticker can be removed easily.

Difference Between Glue and Sticker

1. If you want to bring less damage to both your natural an
false nails, the nail stickers would be better, you could
peel off the nails any time and can keep them for later use.

2. you can use the nails for multiple times if sticked using nail
stickers. If you want the nail stay long-term(1 or 2 weeks)
you’d better choose the nail glue.


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